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    Client Feature

    See how GSB helps Nautilus Inc. accomplish its mission of helping people live fit & healthy lifestyles
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    Client Story

    A Family Affair

    At Mamnoon, Wassef Haroun and his wife Racha create cutting-edge culinary experiences grounded in the hospitality, culture and cuisines of the Middle East


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    The Road Map For Potential Foreign Investors

    Recent FCC reform presents an opportune time for broadcasters to obtain foreign investment. Delaying could result in foregoing more favorable financial outcomes, while foreign investors might miss out on attractive opportunities.
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    Media Mention

    Larry Brant Cautions About Consequences of IRS Budget Cuts on

    Larry warns that additional slashing of IRS resources could create a dismal situation for U.S. taxpayers.
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    Duff on Hospitality Law blog

    Direct Employer or Joint Employer – Isn’t Employment Just Employment?

    Nancy Cooper presents two cases illustrating the varying definitions of “joint employment” and the conundrum employers face when trying to determine their exact status.
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