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    Client Feature

    See how GSB helps Nautilus Inc. accomplish its mission of helping people live fit and healthy lives.
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    Workplace Misconduct Team

    It Is No Longer Just an Employment Issue

    More than ever, it is critical to be ready for the slew of issues that may arise from a claim. GSB's full-service team is adept at helping organizations mitigate risk and navigate allegations of misconduct.


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    Legal Alert

    The threat of a government shutdown is seemingly the new norm. Find out what federal contractors and subcontractors can do to ensure a favorable position if a closure occurs.
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    Media Mention

    Dan Petalas Quoted in The New York Times About Political Attacks Against DOJ

    Petalas outlines the importance of department leadership’s role as a bulwark amid political attacks and what can happen when support is lacking.
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    Larry's Tax Law

    Decoding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    This new blog series provides an in-depth review of the technical elements of the new law and offers practical insights for taxpayers and their advisors.
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