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Client Service and Collaboration


As a firm we aspire every day to provide consistently exceptional client service as judged by our clients. To accomplish that aim, we believe the whole is greater than simply the sum of its parts. While our attorneys are driven to serve their individual clients, they know that the experience, knowledge and counsel available from the collective magnifies each person’s ability to help clients succeed. Our approach to client service and collaboration encompasses: 

Identify and Understand

Identifying and understanding the client’s needs, objectives and any constraints in seeking our assistance. Our attorneys seek others in the firm with direct or related experience and industry knowledge during this process.

Deliver Results

Delivering the appropriate response promptly and efficiently as informed by the client’s needs, objectives or constraints. As needed, this may involve other attorneys with relevant skills and experiences as well as non-traditional resources such as use of the firm librarian or resources outside the firm such as vetted third-party professionals.


First and foremost we deliver on our clients’ expectation of excellent legal work. Beyond that all GSB attorneys and staff are empowered to go above and beyond to seek opportunities to bring insights, information or other value that the client finds useful.

Report and Repeat

The final step in our approach to client service and collaboration is actually the first step in tis recurrence as our commitment is a continual one. After we have reviewed and reported the results of our efforts to the client, the cycle begins anew. What other opportunities are there to help the client succeed? What threats must be mitigated? What plans must be laid for the future.

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