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Becoming an Associate at Garvey Schubert Barer

Garvey Schubert Barer is always looking for bright, capable and motivated attorneys who want a career at a special kind of law firm. As an associate at our firm, you will work with talented, innovative attorneys in an environment dedicated to the long-term professional growth of all our people. Thanks to our size, culture and client base, we can offer associates immediate opportunities to do meaningful work and provide direct client service.

We are small enough that we usually have only one or two associates working with principals on a client’s matter. Consequently, as a first- and second-year associate, you will deal directly with clients. This might involve negotiating contracts or taking responsibility for part of a major transaction, creating estate plans, deposing witnesses, drafting critical motions, and sometimes even second chairing a trial. As you continue to grow your skills, you will be given more responsibility. In fact, many senior associates take leading roles in providing client service.

But we also are large enough to attract top-notch clients. So you can expect to serve a variety of national and international businesses, including Fortune 500 and middle-market companies as well a broad range of privately held concerns. They present us with challenging legal issues that require us to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. They afford us an opportunity to work on a range of complex matters including multimillion dollar transactions, large Superfund projects, international matters, difficult intellectual property problems and high-profile lawsuits.

You also will be encouraged, and have opportunities, to work on public service matters. For example, the firm has litigated, on a pro bono basis, large game-changing cases that protect the rights of some of society’s most vulnerable people. Many associates, with the full support of the firm, provide direct services to indigent clients and nonprofit organizations.

Providing meaningful work and real-life experience early in your career is one way we help you grow your legal skills and reach your professional goals. Another way is through effective mentoring and professional development programs.

We hire associates we believe have the potential to one day become principals in the firm. This approach benefits both our associates and our firm. A large percentage of our principals who once were associates at the firm who now practice in a variety of areas, including mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, maritime law, government contracts, public policy, lobbying and political law, sports and entertainment law, labor and employment law, trusts and estates, and bankruptcy and litigation. Many hold leadership positions in the firm, serving as practice group chairs, office managing directors, and members of the Executive Committee or as chairperson of our firm’s Board of Directors. In short, Garvey Schubert Barer is a law firm where a talented young associate can make a lasting, fulfilling legal career.

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