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Date: November 4, 2016
The Washington Post

Brad Deutsch, communications and political law attorney at GSB, was quoted in a Washington Post article on a recent lawsuit filed Friday by a bipartisan group of congressional members and candidates against the Federal Election Commission, seeking to force the agency to act on a complaint it brought against 10 super PACs in July.  Deutsch, Malcolm Seymour and Andrew Goodman are acting as plaintiff’s counsel in the suit.

The maneuver is part of a legal strategy aimed at rolling back v. FEC, the federal appellate court decision that led to the birth of super PACs, which can accept unlimited donations. Once the FEC takes up the complaint and dismisses it or deadlocks on it — as it is ultimately expected to do — the group plans to file a broader suit against the agency that it hopes will ultimately reach the Supreme Court.

If they succeed, said Deutsch, “the consequence is the death of the super PAC.”

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