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Date: October 10, 2016
Washington Post

The Washington Post quoted GSB attorney Dan Petalas in an article concerning Juanita Broaddrick’s post-debate assertion that Breitbart News, a conservative media entity whose chairman is also the current chief executive of the Trump campaign, paid for Broaddrick to travel to the October 9, 2016 presidential debate in St. Louis, Missouri.  Before the debate, Broaddrick had appeared at an event in Washington D.C., seated next to Donald Trump, where she discussed her sexual-assault allegations against former President Bill Clinton -- accusations that she previously recanted under oath and that the former president denies.  Dan, a white collar and political law attorney and the former acting General Counsel to the Federal Election Commission, explained that, if it were true that Breitbart News in fact paid for Broaddrick’s travel on behalf of the Trump campaign, then the news organization may have made an illegal corporate in-kind contribution to the campaign.  Dan cautioned, however, that the answer to that question would “really depend on the facts.”

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