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Date: March 5, 2015
The Bulletin

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The Bishops have spent the last year fighting a backroom deal between KC Development Group, LLC (“KCDG”) and Tumalo Irrigation District ("TID") to transfer water to enable a private developer to construct and operate water ski and recreational lakes without any governmental agency approval, including land use approval from the County.  On March 4, 2015 the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners sent TID and KCDG back to the drawing board when it concluded that the water ski lake requires two conditional use permits 1) for surface mining to construct a reservoir; and 2) large acreage recreational facility use.

This appeal reached the Board of County Commissioners after a thoughtful record developed by the Bishops and reviewed by the County’s Hearings Officer.  The County Board of Commissioners decision adheres to the Hearings Officer’s conclusions reached in December 2014 and based on arguments made by the Bishops in their initial appeal filed August 21, 2014 and subsequent submissions.  

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