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Date: August 4, 2017
Radio World

Melodie was quoted on the FCC’s increased scrutiny for radio stations who win broadcast license renewals yet sit silent for extended periods of time.  In particular, she describes the recent FCC hearing designation order involving Radioactive LLC, which may have significant implications for station operators in similar situations:

‘‘The FCC staff has been voicing their concern informally for years that it is not possible to serve the public interest if a station is silent and has frowned on the practice of operating for one day solely in order to avoid the automatic termination provision of the act. Now, the full commission has set one such license renewal for hearing. One question is whether the station’s license application should be denied, even though the station had apparently obtained permission to remain silent through a series of Special Temporary Authorizations. This action by the commission should get the attention of any station operators who use STAs to remain silent for extended periods.’’

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