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Date: February 4, 2018
The New York Times

Amid the harsh criticism by President Trump against the Justice Department, many current and former prosecutors believe that Attorney General Jeff Session's absent response could have destructive effects within the department, including diminished confidence in leadership and a blow to morale internally.       
Dan Petalas, a former prosecutor in the department’s public integrity section and the United States attorney’s office in Washington, noted in a recent New York Times article: “Prosecutors and agents are extremely vulnerable if they’re not properly supported by leadership, especially when it comes to investigations and attacks launched on the political side.”
“The department is often involved in high-profile cases, sometimes with powerful people at the center who seek to discredit the investigations against them. “Prosecutors have to stand silently and cannot defend their work to the public,” he said. “They can only hope that the leadership will serve as a bulwark.”
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