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In case you missed it, the GSB Euclid Society held first meeting at Garvey Schubert Barer

On April 27, the Euclid Society held its inaugural meeting.  Approximately 30 planners, architects and attorneys from all over the Metro area, both county and city, public and private, gathered to enjoy wine and mingle.  Ed Sullivan, Bill Kabeiseman and Carrie Richter gave a short presentation about statutory time limits for quasi-judicial decision-making, summarizing some new (and old) cases, and eliciting a good discussion. 

The presentation qualified for 45 minutes of Legal Issues AICP Continuing Education credit.  Attached are the materials from that meeting, highlighting the nuances of making decisions within the 120 / 150 day clock.

What is the Euclid Society?   In 1926, the US Supreme Court upheld zoning as a reasonable extension of a local government’s police power to regulate for the health, safety and welfare of its citizens.  This is the case where Justice Sutherland wrote “A nuisance may be merely a right thing in the wrong place, like a pig in the parlor instead of the barnyard.”  This seminal case was City of Euclid v. Ambler Realty.   This is not to suggest that planners or this group bears any relationship to pigs in parlors or anywhere else.   However, in the spirit of encouraging stimulating discussions and reviewing hot topics in land use planning, the Euclid Society was born.

The next Euclid Society meeting is scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday, August 10.  Stay tuned for more information - we hope that you will be able to join us.

Please see click to see the GSB Euclid Society Materials April 2011

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