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Oregon's 2011 Land Use Legislation

The legislature passed a handful of land use bills this session.  This includes Senate Bill 766 related to Economic Recovery and expedited site reviews for proposed industrial development, as well as Senate Bill 960 and House Bill 3280, related to winery events.  Read more for a quick snapshot.

  • SB 766:  Establishes the Economic Recovery Review Council as an independent council that reports directly to the Governor and authorizes the council to perform expedited site reviews for proposed industrial development projects that have state significance. Requires the council to designate at least five and not more than fifteen regionally significant industrial areas within three years of the effective date of the act. Authorizes local governments to nominate regionally significant industrial areas for designation by the council and allows expedited permitting of industrial uses in regionally significant industrial areas if the new or expanded use does not require a change to a statewide planning goal, an acknowledged comprehensive plan or a land use regulation. Sets timelines and procedures for local government review of an expedited industrial use permit. Sunsets the council when the annual average unemployment rate for the most recent calendar year in Oregon is less than six percent. Signed by the Governor, effective June 28, 2011 (Chapter 564, 2011 Laws).  To find out more about what the passage of SB 766 means to you, register to join us at our next Euclid Society meeting at 4:00pm on August 10, 2011.  Click here for registration information.
  •  SB 960:  Creates processes by which counties may conditionally approve up to 18 agri-tourism events and other commercial events or activities related to and supportive of agriculture in areas zoned for exclusive farm use (EFU), including events in EFU areas designated as rural or urban reserves. Signed by the Governor, effective June 28, 2011 (Chapter 567, 2011 Laws).  
  • HB 3280:  Modifies statutes regulating establishment of wineries and winery sales and services in exclusive farm use zones. Authorizes up to 25 days of events at wineries and also allows counties that have previously permitted events at wineries to continue to do so. Creates a new “large winery” category; allows restaurants and more than 25 days of events for large wineries. Includes other provisions. Declares emergency; includes a sunset for portions of the bill. Effective on passage;  HB 3280 is awaiting the Governor's signature.  Please click on the 2011 Land Use Legislation Summaries for a summary of Oregon’s new land use legislation.  See also recent Oregonian article. 

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