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Recent Developments in Comprehensive Planning

The Urban Lawyer published Ed Sullivan and Jennifer Bragar’s law review article entitled, “Recent Developments in Comprehensive Planning.”  The article will be republished in January in a book entitled “At the Cutting Edge 2012.”  The introduction to the book has the following to say about this article:

“With ‘Recent Developments in Comprehensive Planning,’ Edward J. Sullivan and Jennifer Bragar, the dynamic duo from Garvey Schubert Barer in Portland, Oregon, are back again, writing under the same old plain-vanilla title that belies the great content and, appropriate for this volume, “cutting edge” insights. There is no better annual summary of the law in the critical area of comprehensive planning, and you will benefit from reading it. They conclude, after some 5,300 words of careful analysis, that “the increasing number of cases on plan amendments and interpretation over the last year all lead to the conclusion that the plan continues to gain credence in the development process.”

We hope you enjoy!

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