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Governments and governmental bodies face many of the same legal issues — environment, land use and employment, for example — as the private sector. Yet they also face challenges unique to their public function, such as managing projects with other government agencies, harmonizing conflicting regulatory policies and advancing the public interest as elected leadership changes.

For many years, we have represented governments and governmental entities at the federal, state and local levels. We also represent foreign governments and quasi-governmental bodies like ports and public utilities. Examples of our experience include representing the following:

  • Municipal entities on solid waste disposal issues under federal law
  • Canadian government and Canadian provinces on transboundary pollution
  • County governments on development and funding of infrastructure projects
  • Japanese government on U.S. trade policy
  • FDIC in litigation arising out of failed financial institutions
  • Ports and public utilities on land use and land transfers

Many of our lawyers have served in government. So we know how government works, and we understand budget requirements, ethics rules and the need for effective communications strategies. In short, because Garvey Schubert Barer knows this sector, we capably and cost-effectively represent governmental clients at every level, from local special purpose bodies to foreign countries.



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