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Our state and local tax practice is wide-ranging, including income taxes, excise taxes, sales and use taxes, business and occupation (B&O) taxes, real estate transfer taxes, tobacco taxes and other taxes. We also represent clients in audits, administrative appeals, and litigation.

Our attorneys have worked collaboratively with clients in a variety of industries, including forest products, metals, food processing, high-tech, hospitality and telecommunications. We also represent public utilities, transportation companies, wineries, and owners of office buildings and other commercial properties.

State Income Taxation

Interstate businesses operating in the Pacific Northwest's income tax states — Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana — must allocate and apportion their income among the jurisdictions in which they do business. Our lawyers work regularly with the constitutional principles underlying allocation and apportionment. We also understand these states' statutory deviations from the federal income tax rules.

Washington State Business and Occupation Tax

Out-of-state companies new to Washington are sometimes surprised by the size of their B&O tax bills. Computed as a percentage of gross revenue rather than net income, the B&O tax can substantially impact businesses used to operating under typical state income tax systems. A thorough understanding of the B&O tax is critical to business operations in Washington. With proper planning, a business can minimize the B&O tax by taking advantage of the law’s classifications, exemptions and special provisions. We also represent clients in audits, administrative appeals, and litigation.

Other Taxes and Fees

We represent clients subject to a variety of other excise taxes unique to the Pacific Northwest states. Washington and Alaska, in particular, impose specialized excises that can produce substantial tax liabilities. Faced with the need to find new revenue sources, state and local governments have been imposing new fees in a variety of contexts. Our lawyers have been involved in landmark litigation that successfully argued certain fees are unconstitutional taxes.

Legislation and Consulting

Our attorneys frequently collaborate with industry associations, taxpayer groups and professional organizations interested in improving the tax laws. We also provide expert testimony before legislative committees and draft proposals for laws and administrative rules. Our experience includes assessment of environmentally contaminated property, taxation of intangible personal property and appeal rights of taxpayers. Our attorneys are active in the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, American Property Tax Counsel, the American Bar Association's State and Local Taxation Committee, Associated Oregon Industries, and the Association of Washington Business.

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