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White Collar and Government Investigations

The attorneys in GSB’s white collar practice group represent business entities and individuals confronting high-stakes government investigations and other criminal and administrative matters. Our clients have included business organizations, leading public figures and government officials, corporate officers and directors, and professional athletes.

We have provided assistance in all manner of federal and state investigations, including healthcare fraud and False Claims Act allegations, international trade and investigations under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, government contracts and procurement claims, allegations concerning environmental, antitrust, and securities law violations, internal investigations of potential irregularities, and other regulatory inquiries.

Our group includes several former senior federal officials and prosecutors with substantial trial and white collar experience, whose deep understanding of law enforcement perspectives and methods helps us secure superior results in even the most challenging white collar representations.

Prior Successful Representations

We achieve our greatest success when we help clients avert charges or other public assertions of wrongdoing. By working closely with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business and the facts and circumstances of each matter we have often persuaded investigators and prosecutors to forego additional inquiry or public charges.

But when aggressive representation becomes necessary, we have successfully resolved high-stakes matters across virtually all industries and range of legal services. We have helped clients respond to subpoenas and search warrants, achieved global settlements of parallel administrative and civil and criminal liabilities, conducted internal investigations for boards of directors and other corporate committees, and designed and implemented compliance programs to mitigate enforcement risks while furthering the client’s business objectives. We excel at trial and have obtained defense verdicts from juries in federal and state court.

Media and Crisis Management

It is not enough to master the relevant legal and factual issues when representing clients in white collar matters. High-profile government inquiries often trigger intense media scrutiny and public interest that can drive both legal and business outcomes. Our lawyers understand these sensitivities and have skillfully engaged the media and public messaging to advance our clients’ positions and protect against reputational harms in prior representations.

Broad Geographical Reach

Working from strategic locations throughout the Pacific Northwest and in New York City and the District of Columbia, our white collar defense and investigations lawyers serve clients across the country and in matters of international scope. In addition to its broad domestic reach, GSB is one of only 11 U.S. law firms that the Chinese government officially recommends for legal representations involving Chinese entities. In 1979, Stan Barer, one of the firm’s founding partners, assisted in negotiations to resume shipping relations between the U.S. and the People’s Republic of China following a 30-year hiatus. In 2005, GSB became one of the first law firms to obtain a license from the Chinese government to open a representative office in Beijing, China. Serving in the role of leader of the practice group is Robert C. Weaver, Jr., former Chief of the Criminal Division for the United States Attorneys’ Office in Oregon.

Full Service, Interdisciplinary Approach

White collar matters also affect business considerations central to the client’s financial health and long-term business objectives. GSB’s white collar practice group therefore works in tandem with the firm’s business and transactional lawyers to deliver comprehensive, interdisciplinary solutions attuned to each client’s particular circumstances.



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