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Workplace misconduct is no longer just an employment issue. With the heightened focus on misconduct in the workplace, it is – more than ever – critical to be prepared for the slew of issues that may arise from a claim. Individuals and organizations dealing with allegations of harassment or worse may be exposed to potentially damaging consequences that affect everything from reputations to bottom lines.

GSB has assembled a full-service team of advisors that understands the highly sensitive nature of these matters and is experienced in helping organizations avoid and navigate allegations of misconduct. Our holistic approach to helping clients mitigate risk involves:

  • Providing comprehensive trainings;

  • Delivering strategic advice;

  • Directing and conducting investigations;

  • Managing public relations efforts;

  • Handling litigation.

GSB’s Workplace Misconduct Team represents public and private sector employers in the full range of workplace misconduct issues from training, investigations and litigation. Whether the misconduct involves violations of employer rules and expectations or rises to the level of a criminal offense, how reports of misconduct in the workplace are handled can have profound implications on the organization’s reputation and stability.

Respecting the confidentiality of all stakeholders

GSB’s attorneys understand the need to protect the privacy, mental health, physical safety and reputations of the accuser and the accused to achieve the organization’s goal of providing everyone a safe and welcoming work environment. Where necessary, GSB attorneys will conduct independent and fair investigations of alleged misconduct in a highly professional, discreet and secure fashion, providing decision makers with all the facts needed to address the issues arising from diverse situations. If a lawsuit has been threatened or filed, GSB attorneys will conduct litigation in a way that shows sensitivity to all involved and reduces the risk the case will become part of the news cycle or viral comments in social media. GSB attorneys understand the need for confidential settlements where appropriate and are prepared for successful trials on the merits where necessary.

To protect the organization’s reputation and public image when misconduct allegations are investigated and/or litigated, GSB teams with public relations professionals to anticipate, analyze and address public opinion that may harm the organization. The professionals can provide reputation management with communications strategies and messaging designed to protect its reputation and emphasize its commitment to its business mission and social values.

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