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The firm values its employees as well-rounded individuals and supports full-time employees in balancing their professional and personal lives. In addition, the firm recognizes that at times it may be beneficial to both the firm and an employee to agree on part-time or flexible work arrangements.

Several of the firm's lawyers work part-time schedules, with appropriate adjustments to economic goals, compensation and benefits, and track to ownership. These lawyers remain significant participants in their practice groups and are valued for the quality of their work. No stigma attaches to part-time status. Indeed, one of our lawyers has worked on a part-time basis ever since she joined the firm in 1989. Over the years she has been admitted as an owner, appointed chair of a practice group, and elected to the firm's Executive Committee. Another part-time lawyer serves as chair of a practice group and has been admitted as an equity owner. In addition, telecommuting opportunities are potentially available for lawyers.

A full-time workweek for our staff is 37.5 hours. A number of our staff members work part-time arrangements or flexible hours. For example, we have been able to accommodate part-time requests from legal assistants by crafting job share arrangements with other legal assistants who wish to work part-time.

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